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OK, So time to get back into blogging full time. I am going to be discussing another passion of mine. LEGO. Lego is a timeless toy. I really enjoy building with Lego blocks (No Megablocks Knockoffs please). Here’s a few custom creations I have made,




So if you like Lego, Sports Cards, Non-Sports Cards, Old Toys and Games, stay tuned.

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Back Where it all began AKA Blocked again.

So when I started on twitter and this blog 2 years ago, my very first post was about being blocked on Twitter. My First Twitter Block

Well, it’s happened again. And by the same person. and this time my account was temporarily suspended. I’ve been a Beckett subscriber for over 20 years to multiple magazines. I have thousands of Beckett graded cards that I have submitted. 

It’s sad that their employees can’t take a joke. 

By the way, the tweet that got me suspended?

@chrisolds2009 hasn’t posted in a while. Was there a free AYCE buffet today?



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I’m Back

Well, it’s been two long years since I’ve been able to blog, tweet, or even facebook. But I am back online. I haven’t busted any product in two years. I haven’t even seen many new products. I did get into a group break of some Heritage a few months ago. Not even sure what year Heritage it is. I’ve missed you all. I have some reading, research, and more to do. I look forward to talking to you all again.

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Topps encourages this year’s NFL Experience attendees to stop by the Topps Booth for free sample cards, raffle prizes and a whole lot of fun. (Dallas, through Sunday 2/6)

Topps is also offering several commemorative cards and sets:

Wrapper Redemption Program

Fans and collectors opening three packs of 2010 Topps/Bowman branded football cards at the Topps booth will receive an exclusive Super Bowl XLV Topps card featuring a few hometown heroes and NFL stars.  There will be 7 different cards.  The subjects are as follows:

Dez Bryant

Tony Romo

Miles Austin

Sam Bradford

Drew Brees

Tom Brady

Michael Vick

2010 Topps Football Complete Set (Special Super Bowl XLV Packaging)

Fans and collectors can stop by the Topps Booth and purchase a unique 2010 Topps Football Complete Set featured in a commemorative Super Bowl XLV box.  As a bonus, the set includes five exclusive Super Bowl Moments cards.

Drew Brees                 (SB XLIV)

Santonio Holmes         (SB XLIII)

David Tyree                (SB XLII)

Tom Brady                  (SB XXXVII)

Adam Vinatieri           (SB XXXVI)

Exclusive Super Bowl Patch Cards

With each purchase of the 2010 Topps Complete Set (Super Bowl XLV Ed.), Topps will give collectors one limited edition patch card, produced just for the NFL Experience, as a gift with purchase.  Cards include:

Troy Aikman               (SB XXVII)

Emmitt Smith              (SB XXVIII)

Tony Dorsett               (SB XXVIII)

John Elway                 (SB XXXIII)

Drew Brees                 (SB XLIV)

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To launch and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Topps Baseball Cards, the company is pleased to announce a special Hobby-Exclusive Wrapper Redemption Program for 2011 Topps Baseball Series 1. (image attached)

Collectors sending Topps 36 Hobby wrappers or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers of 2011 Topps Series 1 will receive a special 5-card pack of  60th Anniversary Black Diamond cards (collect all 60!).


In addition, Topps is seeding 34 different on-card Autograph cards (#’d to 60), featuring subjects from the original 1952 Topps set, into these 5-card packs.


Collectors should send wrappers to:


PO BOX 2008

Duryea, PA 18642

ATTN: Topps Baseball Series 1 Promotion


*Collectors are encouraged to group their wrappers and send in 1 package.

*Promotion ends August 1, 2011.

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Card of the Day: 1/22/11

’nuff Said.

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Card of the Day: 1/21/11

1909-11 Colgan’s Chips Tin Jim Thorpe SGC 92 from the Skydash Collection

A few years ago someone showed up on Net54 claiming to have Approximately 1200 T206 cards and 157 Colgan “Tin Tops”. He was initially ridiculed by several posters. Ultimately, the poster sold his collection thru an Auction House and made a very nice sum of money. So remember the story of Skydash next time someone shows up on a message board claiming to have an ungodly find.

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