2010 Bowman Chrome Review

Well, I busted a box of 2010 Bowman Chrome today. What can I say? For the first time in a long time, Bowman Chrome is an Epic Fail. The cards are poorly cut and many have a coating of white powder on them. The biggest issue is that the backs are terribly off-center while the fronts generally are centered. Perhaps it’s time to send the Printers back to school?

The Breaks Down

Base Cards: 25 (4 RC) – 0 Duplicates
Prospect Base: 35 (32 1st BC) – 0 Duplicates
Refractors: 4 Jason Heyward RC, Mark Reynolds, Ryan Howard, Carlos Pena
Gold Refractor: CC Sabathia
USA: 5 Lindor, Littlewood, Maples, Pfeifer, Ragira
Topps 100: Jake McGee
Auto: Matt Davidson

Collation of the product looks good as there were no duplicates, but the design look eerily familiar from past years Bowman Chrome products.

I do have 18 wrappers here. Perhaps the wrapper promotion will be better.

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