My first twitter block

I was blocked from following @chrisolds2009 on Twitter, not bad considering I have been on Twitter less than 24 hours.

For those that don’t know Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball magazine. Chris is also a frequent contributor to

Chris blocked me on Twitter after I asked him the following Hardball Question: “@chrisolds2009 With 9 former Beckett employees now at Panini, is anyone besides you left at Beckett?”

OK, I know, hardball questions that need answers. To be honest, I posed the question as more of a joke than anything else. I met Chris at the 2009 National in Cleveland, Ohio. He is generally humorous guy. I had a chance to spend about 20 minutes talking to him and wandering about the floor of National. If you ever get a chance to meet Chris, take some time and talk with him. Just don’t challenge him to an eating contest at your local All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

Recieved from Chris @ 2009 Cleveland NSCC #44/45 Blue Ink. There was also a red numbered parallel.


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