Has the Prospect Superfractor Auto Fallen?

OK, so baseball season is over and football, basketball, and hockey are on people’s mind. The first year player draft isn’t until June. The snow has yet to fly in most parts of the U.S. Christmas bills are quickly being racked up. Should this affect this card that much?

The Francisco Lindor 1/1 Auto Superfractor sold on the 11th for a steal of a price.

The Marcus Littlewood 1/1 Auto Superfractor sold on the 14 also for a steal of a price.

The Brian Ragira 1/1 Auto Superfractor is currently at auction and at the time of writing was at $699.99 with 27 hours to go. Significantly higher than either of the two previous cards sales prices.

Is it a down economy? Is it the off-season? Is it something else? What do you think is causing the downturn in prices for these USA 1/1 Superfractor Autos?

For more on this check out USA Baseball’s article: http://usafuturewatch.com/?p=654

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