Grading the Graded Card

For years it’s been a joke, When will they start grading Graded cards. Even though we’ve seen GAI do things like this:

Grading the graded cards has mainly been a joke until now.

Collectors Forensic Register is now grading your graded cards. For a small fee ($9, $14, or $16) they will take you card, examine it and send you back your card with a sticker on the back and you will be able to look over the information on your card on their website ( for the specifics of your card.

The $9 package ($75 for 10 cards) includes:

  • Large scale front and back scans of the registered, encapsulated card to secure frozen-it-time  images (included in all packages)
  • A (roughly) 5 minute forensic, 50x magnified, voice narrated, video of the card, capsule and flip (included in all packages)
  • A unique webpage, dedicated specifically to the registered card, accessible anytime, anywhere (included in all packages)
  • The announcement and link of the registration on the CFR Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages (included in all packages)

A formatted (“”) website address will be represented on a tamper-evident, logo embedded, custom holographic label.  This label will now always be part of the capsule.  This is also included with all packages.  The entry of the registered card into the social media-sphere will also expose it to interested buyers who can reach out to you on Facebook or Twitter, without your identity being known.

For $14 ($100 for 10) they add the following service to the above package

  • 50x magnification photos of all 4 front corners – perfect for viewing on iPhone/Smart phones

For $16 ($110 for 10) the add-on another service

  • 3x UV (blacklight) photos of the capsule, flip and card face to determine fraud-evident markings (included only in the Gold package)

But it comes with a catch, They have added the following information:

Important note: We are not a grading company, nor do we take a position on the quality or accuracy of the awarded grades of cards that are submitted for registration. However, our mission is to record a “point-in-time” forensic snapshot of all cards submitted for public availability on the Internet. Grading quality, accuracy and potential fraud will be exposed as a natural byproduct of the registration process as it serves the hobby’s most educated judges — the hobbyists themselves.

Will this company make it or will they fail? Only time will tell but some research from the Guys on shows that these may be the same people behind Grade Tech Services. Remember them?

For more here are a few threads on Net 54 Baseball about the company.

Announcing “Collectors Forensics Register” – Revolutionizing the Hobby

Collectors Forensic Register = Grade Tech Services Inc.?

Collectors Forensics Register

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