Panini Adrenalyn XL: NFL Edition

So I got the following email from Panini today telling me more about their AXL line of products.

NFL Adrenalyn XL is the official trading card game of the National Football League. Based on the popular board game, this multiplayer trading card game is fast-paced – like being part of a live NFL game except you control the play. Run, pass, or kick a field goal to win points and work you’re way up the leaderboard. But that’s not all. Now you can virtually trade cards to build your ultimate fantasy football team.

Sign-up to get a Starter Deck with 14 random cards. Buy more Panini Adrenalyn cards and register online using the activation code on the card. View your collection in the Locker Room and create team decks with players from your collection.

Choose from two modes of play, Classic or Professional Mode. Classic Mode is easy-to-learn and follows the traditional board game rules. Professional Mode offers more strategy and includes a salary cap, offense energy boost, game clock for each quarter and field goals – just like the NFL. Check out our full list of rules in the help section.

Play against sports fans anywhere, anytime, and win points to rank on the Leaderboard! Rep your favorite NFL team by choosing your logo from all 32. Virtually trade player cards in real-time.

Best Regards,
Panini Adrenalyn Team

So I decided, what the heck, I’ll try this out. After Creating an account I was given a 14 card starter deck that consisted of:

  • Brandon Stokley WR Denver
  • Brett Keisel DL Pittsburgh
  • Cedric Griffin DB Minnesota
  • Darnell Dockett DL Arizona
  • Dustin Keller TE NY Jets
  • Hunter Hillenmeyer LB Chicago
  • John Abraham DL Atlanta
  • Josh Freeman QB Tampa Bay
  • Malcom Floyd WR San Diego
  • Mardy Gilyard WR St. Louis
  • Renaldo Hill DB Denver
  • Richard Seymour DL Oakland
  • Shawne Merriman LB San Diego
  • Steven Jackson RB St. Louis

OK, So let’s see what this team can do. Time to play online.

I chose Classic mode and waited for someone to play. There was 1 player in classic mode and 2 in Professional mode. I got into a game rather quickly. You and your opponent take turns selecting defensive or offensive cards and whoever has the better stats gains yards. An interesting game but a Starter Deck will hardly win you a game. I look forward to playing this game a bit more and learning how to better play.


P.S. I lost 14-0

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