Have you seen the new Minnie Mouse?

Forever 21 & Disney have made over Minnie Mouse just in time for the Holidays. If you haven’t heard, Disney & Forever 21 have decided to redesign the iconic Minnie Mouse to “better reflect” today’s young woman.

How realistic is this look? The first thing that came to mind is Minnie now looks like an anorexic hooker. Is this seriously the image we want young girls around the world to emanate? Let’s face it, if they wanted to reflect the true state of American Women, she would look more like Gabby Sidibe and less like Lindsay Lohan after a night of coke and booze induced partying.

Parents, I want your opinion, would you buy your daughter clothing & accessories with this updated Minnie Mouse on it?

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2 Responses to Have you seen the new Minnie Mouse?

  1. Sooz says:

    I don’t think that representative of women because like you said, she looks rather trashy.

    I get that she multiple bags and is a busy person. She also likes to take care of herself with her fancy coat and shoes, but there is so much more to young women than accessories.

  2. Dragonlady says:

    I think she is absolutely horrid. I used to LOVE Disney. Adore their movies but ever since this make over and the “experts” saying that 6 year old girls don’t want to be princesses anymore instead concentrating on how sexy they look, I almost threw up a little. Really?!?!?! 6 year olds are more interested in how sexy they are? Well, well, I guess it’s time to trade in those cute jeans and sweet Princess t-shirts for hot pants and half shirts. Because every 6 year old girl wants to show off more cleavage. Ugh.

    Oh, and Disney is moving away from Happily Ever Afters since “boys think they’re icky.” Uhm, excuse me if I’m wrong, but ever since I was a kid, boys have always found girls and princesses “icky.” When did this become a news flash.

    My kids are teens and over and we all enjoy a Disney movie. I am saddened that Disney has bended to the pressure of those that know little. This Minnie Mouse is disgusting. While maybe the old Minnie was a little old fashioned, we could count on her to be sweet and give you a hug when you needed one.

    What’s next? Mickey made over like a two-bit hood or pimp? WTF?

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