7 Days of Christmas Contest (Day 1)

OK, Welcome to my 7 Days of Christmas Contest Day #1.

Post a pic of your favorite Vintage card (1975 or earlier) and tell why it is your favorite card in a comment here on the blog.

Day 1 will end @ 8:00 PM Pacific 12/24/10
All winners will be announced Christmas Eve.


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2 Responses to 7 Days of Christmas Contest (Day 1)

  1. Jon Campbell says:

    My dad collected the ’58 All-Star set when he was younger but didnt get all of them including the Mantle. For Christmas, I decided I wanted to complete the collection and give it to him. I don’t collect a lot of vinatage but I love the look of the 58’s with the stars in the background. This also has a special spot in my collection(for now) because it was my first original Mantle I have ever gotten.

  2. Thanks for the contest.

    This is a link to the card as well as a detailed explanation behind it.


    Suffice it to say, I set a goal each year for collecting and this one satisfied by quest for 2009.

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