NHL Adrenalyn by Panini is FINALLY HERE!!!

Got a Note from @PaniniAdrenalyn today on Twitter that the long-awaited NHL Edition is now live. I got in and played a few games today. What can I say, The game looks great.

The Good: The Goaltending Mechanic is EXCELLENT! Your shooter goes against the opponents Goaltender, if your shot get’s thru his grid. You Score.

The Bad: Like in other Adrenalyn games you don’t get the “Stat Flash” so that you know what part of the “Skills” area of the card you are using.

The AWESOME: When playing NFL/NBA Adrenalyn I wanted to purchase “Virtual Cards” without having to buy actual cardboard. Let’s face it, they are cool cards, but I really don’t need more cardboard that I am just going to put into a box. I physically collect only a few certain things. I mentioned the need for “Virtual Only” boosters to Panini. They listened!

I am honestly having more fun playing this game than I have with either of the previous versions. Keep up the GREAT work Panini.


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